Gandhi Road, West Point, Darjeeling, W.B 734102

Principal's Message

God in his goodness bestows on each of us his choicest blessings and opportunities to grow and become a good human being. Each day is an extension God provides to people to improve oneself; each opportunity is a gift from God to rebuild oneself; each new experience is an assurance of God’s providence. Human dignity, considering every child is an expression of God’s love. Every child has the potentials to be good and smart. Education is the means to develop the innate gifts and talents which already exist in every individual. Gandhiji the Father of the Nation, had rightly said, “Education means all-round drawing out of the best in each child- body, mind and spirit’’.

The core of this whole educative process is to be a holy love, the teacher’s love for the children, the children’s love for their teacher. This teacher- student relationship is the key element in making school a place where children wanted to be, where they could enjoy learning, where they could mature through a kind and character forming discipline.

Notre Dame Academy



School is a second home where the students spend the best part of their life with teachers and class-mates. Students are encouraged to ask questions, and to think, to acquire, a taste for good reading, to solve practical problems mathematically, to develop wholesome and caring relationships with family and neighbours, to be self supporting and willing to help others and above all to make responsible moral choices.

With immense joy and gratitude I want to thank the Almighty God for His providence and guidance. I am grateful to our dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, and the parents. Whose constant co-operation assists us, to impart quality education. Mary Our Mother the patroness of Notre Dame Academy intercedes for us.