Gandhi Road, West Point, Darjeeling, W.B 734102

Middle & Secondary

The school adheres to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and further amalgamates it with interesting and inquisitive learning aids, experimentation and exploration for conceptual clarity.

As the students graduate to the secondary school their basic concepts are developed and thought process is streamlined to an extent. The flow of learning also shifts from abstract to concrete. The curriculum provides them with upgraded and enriching learning experiences in various subjects like, Languages, Science, Social Science, Computers.

Vital skills like analytical thinking & problem solving are developed during practical application in terms of experimental and experiential learning.

Rote learning is discouraged. Stress is given on understanding and application of concepts as the objective is to prepare the students for the Senior Secondary School. The learning processes are also customized as per the individual learning needs. The students are provided with extra support during Remedial and Enrichment Classes.