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Notre Dame Academy, Darjeeling , established in 1985, is a Catholic Institution managed by the Patna Notre Dame Sisters Society. Notre Dame Academy traces its origin to its spiritual mother, St. Julie Billiart of France, who founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1804.   Read More

Details of Curriculum (CBSE)
The school has annual / term – wise written curriculum plans for all subjects. The curriculum shows alignment to national policies / framework and CBSE guidelines across all subjects.
The curriculum gives evidence of both short term and long-term planning. Balanced time allocation to different subjects/ aspects has been made.
The curriculum plan is detailed and includes specific suggestions of teaching strategies, resources and assessment procedures for all aspects – cognitive, social, emotional and health and for all levels.
The curriculum progresses sequentially from one level to another, both in terms of content and skills in all subject areas, ensuring no learning gaps.
The curriculum plan incorporates suggestions for adaption of instructional and assessment strategies to cater varying needs and styles of learners.
The curriculum plan is student – centered and reflects awareness of progressive educational ideas and pedagogical practices.
The curriculum plan acknowledges the inter – disciplinary nature of learning and mentions overlapping – related concepts and suggests common activities across subjects.
The curriculum, in a focused manner, guides teachers to incorporate teaching methodologies that encourage problem solving, decision making, independent and critical thinking. (soft skills)
The school has a systematic procedure to ensure that the curriculum is implemented in the planned manner. Responsibilities and time lines for the implementation of the different aspects of the curriculum are clearly indicated.
Definite procedures are in operation for review and monitoring of the curriculum implementation.
Regular staff meetings are held for the evaluation, assessment and implementation of the teaching learning process.

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School Managing Committee Information

List of Managing Committee Members of the Academic Year 2020-2021

S.No Name Father’s Name / Guardian Designation Qualification Address


Sr. Mary Tessy

Late Mr. A.J. Thomas

President DNDSS

M.A, M.Ed

Notre Dame Convent,

Patalipura, P.O, Patna, Bihar


Sr. Mary Sunita

M.I. Arogiaswamy


M.A, B.Ed


Notre Dame Academy



Sr. Mary Praveena

Thomas T.A


MBA,  B.Ed

Notre Dame Academy



Sr. Colette

Sr. Edel


M.A, B.Ed


St. Michael Higher Secondary, North Point, Darjeeling


Sr. Mary Ranitta

Mr. Joseph

Manager Member

M.A, B.Ed



Notre Dame Academy



Fr. Michael Singh

Bishop Stephen


M.A, B.Ed


St. Robert’s Higher Secondary, Darjeeling


Ms. Binita Rai

Late James Rai

Teacher Member


St. Francis Villa, West Point , Darjeeling


Mr. Deepak Mishra

Mr. Madan Mishra

Teacher Member


J.N. Datta Lane

Chand Marsi, Darjeeling


Mr. Bishnu Prasad Sharma

Late Ramlal Sharma

Parent Member

M.A, B.Ed

T.N Road, Ghoom


 House No. 17


Sr. Mary Kalpana

V.J. Joseph


M.A, B.Ed

Notre Dame Academy



Mrs. Shobha Rai

Mr. D.B Rai

Parent Member

M.A, B.Ed

Railway PaniTankey

West Point, Dali, Darjeeling

1.The NDA school has annual long-range plan written curriculum plans for all subjects.
2.The curriculum shows alignment to national policies/ framework and the CBSE guidelines across all subjects.
3. The curriculum gives evidence of both short term and long-term planning.

Transfer Certificate

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The number of students’ class wise 2020-2021

Enrollment of students

Sl No. Class Number of sections Number of students
1 KG/LKG 2 45
2 I 2 43
3 II 2 63
4 III 2 71
5 IV 2 89
6 V 3 130
7 VI 2 101
8 VII 2 103
9 VIII 2 105
10 IX 2 52
11 X 2 61
12 XI 5 200
13 XII 5 172

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Annual Report-2019-2020

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep....
And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep...”

Our hearts ever grateful to Our Lady (Mother Mary), St. Julie, the Foundress of the “Sisters of Notre Dame”, is all that we have since the very existence of our school, which gives us the inspiration to move forward and achieve excellence in all our endeavours. This report comprises of the achievements made during the year gone by and at the same time sets the path for greater accomplishments to be achieved in the years to come.

1. As a regular practice followed every year, the session began with the Orientation Programme for the Staff members, followed by an Orientation Programme for the parents. The programme was designed to make the parents aware of the scheme of education we impart here in our Notre Dame Academy. A session for resolving doubts and queries was undertaken by a Jesuit Father, who is an expert in child psychology.

2. Keeping in pace with the modern world, a complete upgrade was done to the Smart Classes so that the students and teachers alike, could use the very best of technology to facilitate better learning, and in making the learning experience for the child, a creative and fulfilling one.

3. The school underwent a radical change with the introduction of Reeve Technologies, wherein an app was created that enables parents to keep a real-time track of their child for Daily Attendance, Fee status, Syllabus, Important announcements, Periodic tests and results, School Circulars and News, etc.

4. The school had its elections for the “Student Council Members” wherein the students exercised their right to vote for the appropriate posts of the Head boy/girl, Sports Captain/Vice-Captain, students’ representative for their respective classes. This helps the students understand the democratic setup of the nation and at the same time builds in leadership qualities that will help the society, nation and the world, at large.

5. With a view to understand the ideals of Notre Dame better and to inculcate the teachings envisioned by the Sisters of Notre Dame, an Inter-Class quiz was conducted for both the students and teachers on “Notre Dame-its history and significance.” It helped us all to understand the functioning and educational pattern of Notre Dame and its impact on modern society as a holistic system of education for the present generation.

6. Living in the present, and acknowledging the role of women in the modern society, the school celebrated “International Women’s Day”. Poster making competitions, special assemblies were conducted and the whole week was taken as a frame to show respect and gratitude to the women withthe message that “everyday be celebrated as Women’s Day.

7. The school was extremely honoured to announce cent percent successful results of Class X in the Board exams followed by an equally successful Class XII Board Exam Results. We took this opportunity to express our gratitude to our Teachers, parents and students for their efforts.

8. With the sole purpose of updating teachers’ knowledge, the school hosted a series of Teachers’ Workshops. An attempt which inclusively engulfedvarious significant aspects like Moral values, Life Skills by CBSE, Meditation and Stress Management.

Apart from this, our teachers participated in various workshops organised by other schools. The Schools Hub created by the CBSE took turns to assimilate, evaluate and share the “Teaching learning experience”.
Mention must be made that our Principal took special interest and introduced meditation sessions for teachers. MANTHAN was also introduced to look at the other side of life, in making our teaching experience a deeper and more fulfilling one.

9. The school celebrated the World Environment Day with a special assembly followed by a tree planting programme by the students around the school campus, an essay writing competition was also held. The students joined hands with SCAVENGERS (an NGO that works for sustaining and preserving the environment) to conduct and participate in various workshops to raise awareness for the need to protect and preserve the environment. There was a poster making competition and the students unveiled their creative talents by painting empty spots around the school raising public awareness in preserving our environment.

10. The School celebrated its Founder’s Day or St. Julie’s Day beginning with a prayer assembly, when an enactment was done by the students showing the life and times of St. Julie. As usual, the Inter-house One Act Play Competition was also held. The students were given a treat by the Principal. It was a day of prayers and festivity, at the same time a day of inner reflection and gratitude.

11. Taking part in competitions is what counts and the lessons of victory and defeat are what we get in return. Keeping this in mind, a lot of Inter-school, Inter-house and Inter-class Competitions like Debate, Declamation, Elocution Contest, Drawing and Painting Competition, One Act Play, Quiz, Creative Writing, Spell Bee, Football, Volley ball, Cricket, etc were held. Our students participated in various inter-school competitions bringing a lot of laurels for the school.

 First runners up in Inter-school Quiz held in GDNS
 First position in Drawing and Painting competition for Seniors
  Second position in drawing and Painting Competition for Juniors at Hayden Hall
 Semi-finalists in the Juniors Inter-school Football Tournament
 3 students making it to the top ten of the Inter-school Marathon
 The first batch of Karate Students successfully completed their belt grade examinations
 Second runners up in the Inter-school extempore (Seniors) held at The Padmaja Zoological Gardens

12. The school celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with an essay writing competition, cleaning of the local areas, recounting the life of the Mahatma and at the same time coming up with the rehearsal of a major production – “The framing of the Indian Constitution.”

13. On October, the school hosted an Annual School Concert taking the theme “ONE WORLD, ONE NATION...!” the students skilfully portrayed “the framing of the Indian Constitution.” It was a grand three-day event where the students exhibited their acting, singing and dancing skills showcasing the cultural songs and dances of India. Major schools from the hills were treated with a feast for the eyes to be cherished through the years to come.

14. November was a month dedicated to the students as the school celebrated Children’s Day. The teachers took to the stage to entertain the students with songs and dances, at the same time praying for them and their families. Class picnics and fancy-dress competitions brought in a festive mood to the school.

15. The end of November saw the school proud and tall as it celebrated the GRADUATION CEREMONY of Class XII students. This was followed by a tearful farewell programme where the outgoing students were honoured with gifts and mementos. A prayer ceremony was conducted to invoke celestial blessings upon them for their successful careers ahead. This was followed by a special lunch for the students.

16. December saw the Class XI students going for an educational trip to Digha and Kolkata, this served to be a practical method of getting the students understand a different environment, working together as a team, the value of sharing and getting to know a different place, the lifestyle and customs, at the same time, discovering leadership skills.

17. The school celebrated Christmas, as the students sang the Christmas carols as they recollected the loving deeds of Christ, sowing in them the seeds of love and universal compassion. This was followed by an inspirational speech by the Principal who spoke on the relevance of Christmas in our daily lives.

18. On this auspicious occasion, the school launched its annual magazine “Bliss” as a gift to the entire school and its well-wishers.

We are submerged in information and are severely starving for wisdom today. Fortunately, we have come a long way and are in safe hands. I am sure that in the coming years, we will successfully channelize the halo of the young minds to explore the very best of their abilities.

Coming to the end, we thank the supportive school management whose continuous support to our ideals of education has enabled the school to come this far. The teachers and the entire staff deserve thanks for their tireless efforts in implementing the route map of imparting quality education. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to the parents of our students who have shown unflinching faith in us by giving us the profound opportunity to

transform their children into truly useful citizens of the future. Last but not the least, we thank God for his manifold blessings which we experienced in each and every moment.

Let’s see the future with a vision where our children will work together in bringing peace, harmony and brotherhood in the world and open up an entirely new chapter in an era of change and positive transformation.

Thank you all very much...!!!

(2.4.7 (b)) of Affiliation Bye-Laws, written declaration duly signed by the Manager and the Principal to the effect that they have gone through the contents of the books prescribed by the school and own the responsibility*

(2.4.9) of Affiliation Bye-Laws, information with regard to fees charged for each class*


write up on all efforts made in the field of environment education, sports achievements, Innovations, overall results, PTA activities, important SMC Decisions been added in annual report of the school*