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When children enter Primary School they come with a relatively large aesthetic knowledge.All children, irrespective of their different socio –cultural background demonstrate a tendency to connect and participate in collaborative learning.

The subject activities and lessons in Languages, Maths and Sciences Children provide opportunities to expand upon their creativity adding to their experiences through painting, art work, clay modelling, singing, recitation, storytelling and movement. Linking performance with Mathematics, language and environmental studies leads to an integrated approach in teaching learning process. Interlinking students with different subjects is a well-tested pedagogic tool for the teacher to exemplify and illustrate terms and concepts.

Exposure to creativity, communication, linguistic comprehension, identifying, recognizing and applying whatever they have learnt in different contexts helps them to hone their cognitive skills.

Objective is to make the children conscious about the good and beautiful in environment, including classroom, school, home and community through an integrated learning approach which they enjoy.

We encourage the children to express their ideas and thoughts freely about different aspects of life thus developing all the senses of children through observation, expression and exploration.